Dog Grooming Services

Things to note

I do have a minimum call out of $50. Grooms over the weekend have a surcharge of $50.

There may be an additional cost to come to your location (see map below)

*Difficult dogs, or heavily matted fur will also incur an extra cost*

Accepted payment methods include: eftpos or cash

Small Dog Groom

Bischon Frise, Chihuahua, Terrier

Medium Dog Groom

Spaniels, Spitz, Collies

Large Dog Groom

German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Husky

Puppy & First Grooms

If you have a puppy or dog who has never been groomed, I can spend the extra time with them to make sure they have the best grooming experience!

  • Full Groom $120 (price should decrease after a few grooming sessions)

    Full bath, blowdry, brush out, trimming & nail clipping


  • Oral Flea Treatment $15
  • Nail Clipping $15
  • Anal Gland Secretion $15
  • Teeth Brushing $15
  • Cologne $10
  • Skin Purifying Scrub $15

Travel zone charges have recently been updated. Please get in touch to find out how much it will cost to come to your neighbourhood. 

Discounts available for Super Gold cardholders. 
Enquire for current discount.

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