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The benefits of mobile dog grooming

Life just wouldn’t be the same without our dogs. They’re our best friends, part of the family and give great comfort in any situation. They also love to run around, play and get dirty – really, really dirty. Just like us, our furry friends need grooming – especially those with fur that gets matted or those that just need a wash and a trim to look extra beautiful!


According to Dr. Max Spicer, who originally hails from England and is now the managing partner and senior veterinary surgeon at The Veterinary Hospital in Dubai, there are major health benefits to dog grooming for your sweet pooch whom you simply adore! These health benefits include:

  • 1. Detection of Parasites

A professional groomer is experienced enough to know if your dog has parasites or fleas (that you may be unaware of) immediately. Fleas don’t survive the tub and ticks are removed while your dog is drying.


  • 2. Anal Gland Expression

If your dog defecates normally with hard stools, the anal glands will become empty. Though, when your dog’s stools are too soft and runny, they may not give enough pressure when defecating. This often results in glands failing to empty. This is not a healthy situation for your dog. Your dog groomer can help empty the glands.


  • 3. Emotional Health

Think about this – how great do you feel if your hair is unkept and frizzy with knots that could pass for a bird’s nest or nails that are too long, split and unshapely? You wouldn’t step out of the house without first washing yourself and most of the time you even spray on a good perfume.

Now, imagine your sweet family dog in the same situation. A dog’s sense of smell is much greater than our own, so if our dogs smell bad to us, imagine how bad they smell to themselves! They can become depressed or even irritable. That’s where pet grooming comes in to save the day!


Why Choose A Mobile Dog Grooming Service Over A Salon?

A Dog Grooming Salon

Time and Stress

When you take your dog to a salon, you often have to wait extra hours before he or she is even washed as the salon might be so busy. That means it takes a big chunk out of your day and, more importantly, your dog has to wait in an unfamiliar environment for hours. This can cause major stress for your dog.

An Unfamiliar Groomer

When your dog is being groomed at a salon, they may not get the same groomer. There is no trust between your dog and the groomer – there is no familiarity. The groomer may also not treat your dog with the same gentle and loving care you do – especially if you are not there to watch them being groomed.

Lock-Up Time

Once your dog is groomed at a salon, they are usually put into a cage – a cage that is not cleaned out every hour. So, your dog will not only be unhappy that he is in a cage and feel trapped but will also not come out as clean as you would have liked.

Although your dog will leave a salon groomed, the whole experience is very traumatic for him or her.


A Mobile Dog Groomer

Trust Issues

Your dog loves and trusts you with all his heart. When you let someone onto your property, your dog usually assumes that the person you let in is trustworthy and safe to be around. You will be there, so he knows he is safe, and nobody wants to take him away, put him in a cage or be rough with him.


Once your dog experiences his first dog grooming with a mobile dog groomer, he realizes that a lot of love, gentle care and attention was given by that person. When grooming takes place regularly by that same person, your dog will psychologically know that person equals love and care. They know that afterwards they will look and feel fresh and beautiful and smell great because of that particular person! Your mobile dog groomer will become your dog’s friend.

Ease & Comfort

You are so busy with your day. Perhaps you run a very successful business and are always on the go or possibly have a family with kids that always need your attention. Isn’t it an absolute pleasure knowing your mobile groomer will come to your house, in a time that suits you, bringing all his own equipment? That way you can get on with your day while your mobile groomer takes care of your beloved dog. It is pet grooming at its best!


Choosing the Best Mobile Dog Groomer

You want a dog groomer with lots of experience with dogs who absolutely loves them! Brandon from Nubreed comes from a life spent with dogs. He’s completed formal dog grooming training and also has a dog walking certification and has assisted with dog training classes. He loves dogs so much he has even been pet-sitting full time since 2017. In other words, he is dog crazy!!! Brandon is definitely the man for the job when searching for the best mobile dog groomer in Auckland. He will breeze right into your convenience and time and will take care of all your dog’s grooming needs without force and only love.

Thinking of getting a mobile dog groomer in? Get in contact with me!

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