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Pet First Aid - Do It!

Because it could save your pet's life

On September 22 2019, my partner Emily and I attended our first Pet First Aid training in Auckland. Now I’ve been to a few human first aid courses – but this was quite different. As a dog groomer, it’s important that I’m able to respond quickly to an emergency as the life of the pet I’m caring for is of the highest priority.

If you own a pet, I highly recommend you to take the 1 day course and learn so many valuable skills that will help preserve and possibly even save your pet’s life in an emergency. Too many times, you may innocently do something you think that may help your pet in a sticky situation, but it can actually make things worse.

Taking a pet first aid class is so important because ‘Vet Google’ can only teach you so much, and sometimes the info is just plain wrong. During our class we had a certified vet nurse giving us valuable information from years of experience. You have heaps of time to ask any questions or validate information too.

Here are some of the really cool things we learnt on the day

  • Nose to tail check (regular checks you can do on any pet to make sure there’s nothing wrong)
  • Emergency muzzling, CPR and rescue breathing (there’s a real art to this, and it’s not as easy as you’d think!)
  • Responding to bleeding, bone and joint injuries, burns, insect bites and stings
  • Poisons – foods, household items and plants
  • + So much more!

Extra info about the first aid course

As I mentioned earlier, we had a qualified vet nurse presenting all the information. She had brought along her very well behaved Kaygin to demonstrate some of the life-saving techniques. It’s a one-day course over 6 hours (with a few breaks in-between). We took home a really useful guide to everything we had learnt during the day, as well as a few extra goodies like treats and a magazine. We also bought the pet first aid kit which has everything a normal human first aid kit includes, with a few extra pieces.

All-in-all, I would say that this course is a MUST attend for any pet owners, lovers or business owners in the pet industry. An accident can happen all too easily, and what matters is how we respond to it. Being calm and knowing the essentials before taking them to the vet is super important.

If you’d like more info about the course, check it out here Pet First Aid & Training NZ

For any extra information you may need or to book an appointment, feel at ease to contact Brandon 
and he will answer any question you may have!

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