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The Guide to Puppy Grooming

How to make sure your puppy loves pampering

1. When to start grooming - why start early?

The big day has finally arrived, and you have landed up with the new love of your life – your new pup! Obviously, you want to give everything to your new puppy and make sure they are well taken care of. After trips to the vet to get their shots and making sure they have the cuddliest bed, you will want to focus on a very important step in their life – grooming.

Let’s get real – puppies mess – a lot! They are as curious as cats – they have a big world to venture out in and cause trouble in. All this can cause a lot of headaches, especially when little Benji comes in the front door with a big smile on his face, tail wagging and dirt all over his paws and back.

So, you have to face it – they gotta get groomed, and the earlier the better! So, why groom early on in their lives?

Well, your puppy is getting used to their new environment. They are learning to sit, play and roll over. They are also learning when to eat. If they are going to dog training school, they are learning that there are boundaries in the world, and that they need to behave! Dog grooming early on is really important because they need to get used to getting wet and not being afraid of the water. They have to learn to sit or stand still while being trimmed and blow-dried. They have to learn that they are safe in the hands of someone else (the mobile dog groomer) other than their owner. In fact, they will learn early in their life to love the process of being groomed and it will be easier at the end of the day for both you and them.

2. How to get your puppy ready for grooming

Let’s start off with weeks prior to the big event – i.e. their first grooming. You need to get them used to what’s about to happen. The best thing to do is to start puppy grooming at home. This includes little things like brushing their hair and bathing them gently in a tub of warm water, so they know they are safe. It will also cause great bonding between the two of you.

Start with the head and place your hands on any part of your puppy’s body that the mobile dog groomer would. Afterwards, give them a little healthy treat for a job well done. That way they will psychologically acknowledge that a good event has occurred, and they have been a good pup.

On the actual day you will want to take your puppy for a walk in the morning to burn off their excess energy. Afterwards you can give them a nice meal (not too big) so that they are relaxed and satisfied. When they first meet the mobile dog groomer, you need to be there, preferably shaking the hands of the groomer to show the puppy that this person is not a stranger and that they are safe. It’s often a good idea to be there for your puppy’s first grooming so that they can be more relaxed.

Afterwards, treat your pup with same reward you give them when you bathe them yourself, so that they can psychologically connect the two events as being the same thing. Trust will form and they will enjoy this pampering time.

3. Nubreed's success with grooming puppies

Brandon from Nubreed is patient, caring and his life is all about dogs! He knows exactly how to make your precious pup feel at ease. Puppies and dogs naturally gravitate towards Brandon because he only has love to give. He has a professional dog-grooming and dog-walking certification, has helped with dog training classes, and has been an in-demand pet sitter.

He really knows how to take his time, make them feel comfortable for life-long success with dog grooming, so that they’ll be more relaxed at home.

4. Benefits of puppy grooming at home

A salon can be a really stressful situation for your new pup. They can also catch things from other dogs, like fleas, quite easily. When they are being pampered, the last thing they need to hear is the barking (or yelping) of other puppies and dogs. With home puppy grooming, Brandon will bring all the necessary equipment to you including tub, dryer, portable water heating equipment (because who needs a shivering pup!), grooming table and tools.

Your sweet pup will be calm and relaxed and will know they are safe at home. Also, this will suit your schedule perfectly! Just take a look at your calendar and see when the best time available is for you, and Brandon, the best mobile dog groomer in town, will come on over. That way you can get on with your own things at home while your pup is being taken care of.

5. Extra tips for successful puppy grooming

Before just buying any brush or comb for your puppy you can speak with Nubreed about which one will work best for your puppy’s comfort and ease. Make puppy grooming a regular occurrence at exactly the same place and same time. Train your little one to stand while they are being groomed and always reward them for being so good!


For any extra information you may need or to book an appointment, feel at ease to contact Brandon 
and he will answer any question you may have!

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