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Dog Grooming: At Home Tips

How to keep your dog lookin' good in-between grooms!

You may love to get your dog groomed by your mobile dog groomer, but, it’s really important
to practice
dog grooming at home in between your dog’s grooming sessions.

1. Brushing your dog's coat

Can you imagine waking up every day without brushing or styling your hair before you go to work? Well, as the days go by, your dog’s hair can start to get into knots and mats if you don’t take care of it. The best thing to do is brush their hair every day. It’s actually a really relaxing exercise that most dog’s love and creates wonderful bonding time between you and your beloved pooch.

You need to familiarize yourself with line brushing. Get your dog to stand still. He can even lie on his side. You need to start brushing at the lowest point where there is fur. If your dog has a lot of hair on his legs, you will need to start brushing just above his feet. You need to keep your dog’s hair moist by misting it.

You need to brush all the hair in the direction of the hair growth. Begin by using a bristle brush. There are different types and sizes you can purchase and after you have used this brush start brushing with a pin brush. Even a comb can do the trick – just keep it regular.

2. Make Sure Your Dog’s Dental Care Needs Are Taken Care Of

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your dog could brush their own teeth? Unfortunately, they can’t. That’s why, it’s your responsibility to take care of their teeth and brush them. You will need to get a brush with soft bristles and use the correct toothpaste. It is really important that you never use human toothpaste for your dogs as this can harm them. You should brush everyday, but if that is not possible, brush at least every three days. There are also quality denta toys that you can give your dog to chew. Read this informative article about everything you need to know about your dog’s oral hygiene.

3. Trim Your Dog's Nails

Your dog loves to run through the garden, dig up things and walk wherever they please. Their nails grow long and carry dirt underneath from all their playing around. Not only is it important to your hygiene and theirs that their nails are constantly cleaned and trimmed, but if a dog’s nails are too long and they walk on it, it actually really hurts them. Trimming should be done every two weeks. If you don’t know how to trim your dog’s nails, ask your mobile dog groomer to show you and give your dog’s nails the best dog grooming at home. Of course, you will need the correct nail clippers and they can be bought at your local pet shop or vet or ordered online.

4. Washing your dog

Your dog is all hair and their beautiful coat needs to be shampooed on a regular basis. Dogs with medium to long coats need to be shampooed every four to six weeks. You don’t want to over bathe as this can irritate the skin of some dogs and prevent the benefits of the natural oils that are excreted by their hair that is good for their skin. If your dog is highly active and plays in the dirt a lot and brings mud into the house and constantly smells, you may want to wash them more often as their smell and personal hygiene can become quite unpleasant.

According to famous dog trainer Cesar Millan, dogs with short hair – such as chihuahuas, should get bathed once a month. Here is a list of dog shampoos you can order online.    

However, if your dog has fleas, you need to wash your dog once a week to get rid of the little buggers that are causing both your dog, and you, to itch. These are the best dog flea shampoos to buy for your dog.

5. Clean your dog's anal area

When washing, don’t forget to clean your dog’s bum as sometimes parts of his feces will stick to this area. You can wash it when shampooing and in between you can use gentle wipes to remove any poo.

It is really important to get your dog professionally groomed by your mobile dog groomer at least every six to eight weeks, but you need to keep up to date with all the in between grooming. You feel great after your shower in the morning, and trust me, your dog feels amazing too with every wash and brush. Take care of your best friend the right way!

For any more advice and to book an appointment for a dog grooming at home contact me and I’ll make your dog clean and beautiful. Here is a list of all my services.

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